MKX and Continental Recalled for Takata Airbags, But It’s Not What You Think.

These days you never want to hear that your car has been recalled because of a defective Takata airbag, what with their explosive, shrapnel-hurling nature and all. So when Ford announced that the 2nd generation MKX and all-new 10th generation Continental, owners had every right to be concerned.

Well, breathe easy. Sort of.

While the majority of Takata problems are about their airbags inflating with too much force, this one is about them inflating with too little. According to Ford, it’s due to a misalignment of components inside the airbag moodule.

This is still a dangerous problem, just not neccessarily as explosive. The affected cars include the 2016-17 MKX and 2017 Contintental.